How it works in the nursery


Our stylists go to your child’s nursery and cut their hair during nursery time.

Tots Crops provides a children’s hairdressing service, to take the hassle out of getting your kids’ hair cut. You drop them off and pick them up at the end of the day, with their hair cut just the way you want it. Children have to be at ease with their surroundings in order to cooperate when having their hair cut. Tots Crops’ stylists have the experience and expertise to deliver a fun and hassle-free experience for your tots.

We are CRB checked, fully insured and use our specially-designed Tots Crops children’s hairdressing chair with safety strap. We damp down the hair with water or a light leave-in conditioning spray, then cut the hair and finish with a blow dry. Each child will receive a pack of raisins to eat whilst having their hair cut to keep their hands busy and a sticker for good behaviour.

We also give free fringe trims between haircuts.

If your child doesn’t want their hair cut, they don’t have to. Our stylists will not cut your child’s hair if they are really upset. The stylist and your child’s key worker make the decision based on the child’s history. Each child is individual and therefore is to be treated uniquely according to their needs. If your child does not have their hair cut, you can keep the credit until next time or have a full refund.

Let us know if you would like to be emailed a photo of your child having their hair cut. Although not part of the service, this is a request that we are more than happy to grant and one that many parents love!

All children are welcome to come and join in whilst children are having their hair cut. So that everyone is included, we give helper badges to children who are just there to assist us. All the children in attendance are given raisins and bubbles too. We treat all the children equally, so that no one is made to feel left out.

Check the nursery notice board to see who your stylist is and when they are next available in your nursery.

After your first appointment, your stylist will contact you every six to 12 weeks depending on your child’s hair to book their next appointment. Your children are our clients and we care.

Thanks to Tots Crops, you need never worry about getting your child’s hair cut again…until they leave nursery at least!


“Debbie & Jo provide our nursery with a fabulous service, attending once a month to cut the children’s hair. They have great relationships with the children and the parents ensuring both are happy with the procedure and results. By leaving their cutting chair on site the children get used to its presence and even look forward to their turn to sit in it coming up! As a nursery manager, I find Debbie & Jo’s service a fantastic marketing and selling point to parents who have endured the trials of entering a noisy salon with a nervous under five. It gives parents one less chore for the weekends which is what I think all working parents are after!

Even children who are at first unsure have been won around by Debbie & Jo’s brilliant distraction techniques, all children leave the chair happily munching on raisins! I would thoroughly recommend Debbie’s service to other day nurseries.”

Sarah BuckleyLondon City Busy Bees Nursery Manager.

Queensberry Nursery has been using Debbie’s service for the last 2 years (going into our 3rd year now). We have known Debbie longer as her own child came to our Nursery so it was perfect helping out one of our own parents on her own business path. Debbie has set Tots Crops up from scratch, we think that she has set up a fantastic business and we are very proud of her.

It has been very popular service with our parents because it takes the pressure off them getting regular haircuts for their child as it is all done in the Nursery, during their child’’s school day, on a regular 6weekly basis. They are also benefitting from this service as they get the same person cutting their child’’s hair at each appointment and not a different person every time. This helps the children as they get to know Debbie very well and they build up their own relationship with her. She puts the children at ease, she is an extremely friendly and jolly person and the children are always happy in her company.

Our parents are so happy with the service Debbie provides they ask if they can bring in their child’’s siblings (who are not at our Nursery) as it makes things so much easier for them. Knowing that their children are happy takes all the stress out of haircutting trips. As long as Debbie is happy we do not object to siblings coming in, we know them all anyway.

The whole service Debbie gives is fantastic there is no hassle to the Nursery as it is all booked and paid for on-line. She comes in on the morning of her appointments lets us know who is booked in so we can tell her which rooms they are in then she is off and busy. Debbie uses the same room each time she is here and has her own special chair which the children love; it is an easy service to use and one that has been very popular.

We would highly recommend Debbie & the Tots Crops service to any Nursery

Queensberry Nursery

“I first met Debbie when she visited my nursery for a place for her then young daughter, we quickly formed a very good friendship, so when Debbie approached me with her fantastic idea of setting up a children s hair cutting service within the nursery setting, I jumped at the chance.

After working with Debbie for a number of years, it is clear to see that the service she and her team provide is simply outstanding, their passion and dedication is second to none. The children always feel safe and secure and really enjoy having their haircut whilst listening to music and eating treats such as raisins in the beautiful and colourful hairdressing chair.

Debbie and her team have a wonderful relationship with the children, their enthusiasm and caring nature shines through.

I have to say that due to the professionalism of this service, it is definitely a great selling point of our nursery, our parents will be the first to say that this is an added bonus to the facilities we offer and what a wonderful idea. It really takes the stress and hassle away from busy families who want to spend quality time with their children at the weekend, rather than having upset and tears when visiting a salon.””

Thank you Tots Crops.

Alex Hofertnursery manager City Child, Bright horizons